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Here You can advertise for free, even non hosting related topics. This is also Offtopic forum.
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Here You can advertise for free, even non hosting related topics. This is also Offtopic forum.

Prohostfirm FAQ

Postby hostingforum » Sat Dec 27, 2014 8:00 pm

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Old FAQs:

How do I get my files to you?
You can either use any FTP (WS_FTP/Cute FTP), Telnet, or from cpanel file manager. You may also use the "Publish" feature of many popular web-design applications like: Netscape Composer, Netscape Navigator Gold, Net Objects Fusion, AOL Press, Frontpage, Delta Quick Site, Adobe Page/Site Mill, and many more!.

Where are your servers located?
Prohostfirm datacenter servers located across USA from Seattle Washington, Glendale Arizona to Parsippany New Jersey. The data center have multiple lines to the Internet, some of them specially installed for International traffic. Thus the physical location of your web hosts' servers is irrelevant. As long as they have great services and support you should be fine. Prohostfirm also has offshore data center for anonymous web hosting. The future plans for installing remote servers on several key countries including Europe.

Do I have to sign a long contract to get a server?
There are no contracts for non anonymous server, only for anonymous server clients are required to pay 1 year in front. For non anonymous server clients can lease a server on a month-to-month basis.

Do you have 24 hour 7 days support?
Yes! We have the absolutely best support on the Web. We support our clients 24 hours 7 days. Email us anytime you have problem or question about our hosting service.

How long does it take to get my new server on-line?
We respond fast! We guarantee that your server will be on-line and waiting for you to upload your files within 24 business hours of receiving payment.

Who can I get to help design my site?
You can get design help from our design team. Just email at for review of your needs.

Who will register my domain name?
You can choose to register your domain name with us or with our partner. If you choose to register domain name with us you can pay us by egold. Our domain name registration price is $15. If you want to pay by credit card for domain name we could refer you to our domain registration partner.

Do I still have to pay domain name if I already have it ?
If you are reserving a new domain name, the answer is yes.f you are transferring an existing domain name you don't have to pay domain name registration. You are free to transfer to our nameservers.

What is the process for transferring my domain?
Prohostfirm will take care of all new and transfer request forms for you. You will be sent an email from the Registrar for domain name transfer confirmation.

What if I want to upgrade? How? Do I pay?
Upgrading is free of charge but it is better to upgrade at the end of your last hosting plan period because once you upgrade you should pay the new hosting plan.

Do you support Frontpage?
Yes! And it is FREE. Email us and we will set it up for you

How can I check on the status of my order?
Send an email here and be sure to include your order confirmation number.

What if I want other domains?
You can upgrade to advanced/professional hosting plan that has add on domain option.

What if I need a dedicated server?
For high performance/bandwidth/space/security requirements we are proud to offer our new line of Dedicated servers.

What is the difference between NT and Unix/Linux?
NT servers have not advanced yet to being sufficient for virtual server use. They have many weaknesses in the areas of security, setup, flexibility, compatibility, and cost of software. For specialized Dedicated or co-located uses, the NT server does have its advantages.


Latest News:

Latest News

March 5, 2007

Anti Ddos web hosting is launched for clients who want more secured web hosting service shielded from ddos attack. The anti ddos web hosting plan accept egold for payment for clients privacy. Just go to antiddos section for more details.

Dec 18, 2003

anonymous web hosting servers are ready for clients who want private anonymous and offshore web hosting service. The anonymous web hosting plan accept egold for payment for clients privacy. Just go to anonymous section for more details. Client could also order anonymous private whois domain name to host with us.

Dec 18, 2003

Branded Pop Email package is launched. For only $1.99/month you could get your own pop email with your domain name branded. Just transfer your domain name to us for free and we will set up you branded pop email. Order here

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