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cPanel: How to make CDN on subdomains

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cPanel: How to make CDN on subdomains

Postby hostingforum » Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:59 am

Hi there, i would like to speed up website loading and improve its loading time using CDN (Content Deliver Network). I have tried MaxCDN and it cost money and i experienced some time when this CDN was slow or inaccessible.

So what i want to do is to create subdomains on my domain and use it like pull zones if i can call it this way. If you want to do it too, i have found usefull guide how to do it. There one must setup a CNAME "redirect" from that subdomain to main domain and images located at the subdomain called from main domain are treated like another hostname? I must try it. Did you tried it?

The guide:

CDN optimisation target
Result of using such subdomain "CDN" and loading images from several sources (subdomains) should be faster load time of whole website because all images are loaded simultaneously from several sources, not serially always after preceeding image is fully loaded..

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