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Get bulk EPP Authorization code from Godaddy (transfer out)

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Get bulk EPP Authorization code from Godaddy (transfer out)

Postby hostingforum » Fri Dec 21, 2012 3:04 pm

Hi, maybe you found some interesting offer for domain transfer and renewal and you have alot of domains with GOdaddy. You maybe even dont know where to get transfer code to bulk transfer these Godaddy domains out.

This guide will tell you how to get EPP transfer/authorization codes quickly/automatically for your Godaddy domains so you can transfer them out. Should take you no longer than 10 minutes.

So how to get EPP code for ONE Godaddy domain transfer out?
Login to your godaddy account, then click to My Account. Then you should see option to got to Domain manager ( When you click it you should see list of your domains. Then to get an EPP code try to click domain name and then click one of the link (Authorization Code:
Send by Email) it should send you your Authorization code via email.

How to get BULK EPP code for huge number of domains in Godaddy
There after you login to your godaddy account and go to domains manager ( Find top menu and select Tools manu item, then select "Exportable lists". Click "Add new export" button, select columns you wish to add to your domains list, dont forget to select Auth. code or similar. Then it will be generated and sent to your email in CSV format for example. Then open this CSV file under Office Excelt or Open office calc and you have the domain lsit and EPP codes you can send to your hosting provider. But dont send it just to anyone, who knows EPP code, might be able to get your domain. Before sending this to new registar, you should unlock your godaddy domains for transfer. Select those domains and click "Locking" icon on the top in domain manager.

Hope this helps

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