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I provide many services, SE scraping, proxy, lists, more

If you are buying or selling content creation services, this is the place to post. Things like forum posting, blog posting, article writing, webdesign, etc.
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If you are buying or selling content creation services, this is the place to post. Things like forum posting, blog posting, article writing, etc..

I provide many services, SE scraping, proxy, lists, more

Postby hostingforum » Fri Dec 14, 2012 8:59 pm

Hello, im glad You have found this page and i can offer You my usefull services! :Hi

Here is the list of services i can do for You.
To find what you are looking for, please use search function of your browser. Usually Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut + add word you are searching for. If you cant find it or dont have time to search, just ask me. Thank You

List manipulation:
I will deduplicate any list of URLs or keywords or any phrasses.
I will clean list of phrasses/urls etc. and remove phrasses containing certain characters/words
I will add prefix or sufix to the list of phrasses
I will sort the list according to alphabet, character count
I will split list/file into certain number of parts or parts of certain size
I will merge list/files
I will convert ansi/unicode
I will generate first names, surnames combinations, or generate random email addresses which may or may not exist)

URL list manipulation
I will split,merge URL list (according to size or number of lines)
I will sort URL list according to pagerank, alexa rank, number of outbound links, number of inbound links (backlinks)
I will add Pagerank, AlexaRank, outbound links, backlinks values to your URL list / sort it
I will trim url list to root or last folder
I will remove URLs containing or not containing certain phrasse
I will compare two url lists and create one list with not common or only common urls
I will remove urls or phrasses longer than X characters
I will remove duplicate domains or whole urls from the list / keep only one instance
I will convert url list into html/bbcode or other code / clickable urls
I will check list of URLs whether they contain your backlink (check site list if contain backlink)
I will mass extract URLs/Links from sitemap files
I will add examine internal/external links numbers for your webpages in your url list
I will check url list and determine whether site was marked containing malware or phishing in aprox. last 90 days
I will extract internal and external links of webpage or webpage list
I will check list of urls and examine which ones can have fake pagerank
I will check list of urls whether they link to you dofollow link
I will check list of urls and add server result code they return, like (200 ok alive)

File conversion
I will convert video file into another video format
I will convert audio file into another audio format
I will convert text/doc/rtf/csv/html.. document into pdf
I will save music/speech from a video into audio file
I will split/merge video/audio file into one/several parts

Spidering /saving websites
I will scan list of URLs/websites and save URLs of websites containing certain footprints/phrasses
I will download website including subpages and its images, files, js and save it as an browsable archive or html files
I will spider list of websites and save all their internal subpages urls
I will spider list of websites and browse its subpages + save all found links or only outbound/inbound links

Posting & submission
I will use Scrapebox to post on your list of your wordpress, blogengine, moovabletype blogs or other Scrapebox (nonspam) tasks
I will use Xrumer to post on your forums or other your websites (no spam) & Hrefer to scrape search engines (test)
I will submit your website into 5000 english website directories for $89 and send you report with directories list and submission result

Account creation
I will create number of Twitter accounts and share their logins and passwords
I will create huge number of accounts (bulk create yandex accounts)

Search engine searching / scraping
I will save website/subpage URLs which are found on certain keywords (SERP page scraping)
I will search Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and save URLs found on your keywords

Keywordtool, keyword services
I will find related keywords to your primary keyword phrasse using Google Suggest; Yahoo! Search Assist & Shopping Suggestions; Amazon, YouTube, Bing, suggestions, Google Product search, search suggestions & I can sort according to monthly search volume.
I will use your keyword list and find available free domains with .com, .org, .net or .info tld matching your keywords

Domain names automation
I will send You list of domain names which expiring in near future and meets your criteria like tld, text in domain, pagerank, domain age
I will convert your list of domains into domain owners emails,names according to whois database (extract whois email out of domain list)
I will examine estimated domains age for the list of domains

I will send you an updated list of proxies where you have minimum 300 working anonymous proxies, up to 1000 working proxies possible
I will daily/hourly maintain list of 200-1000 working proxies for you
I will scan list of proxies and add these values to the list: proxy country; latency i been able to get; whether this proxy worked an google, sort the list

Czech, Slovak services
I will write native Czech or Slovak language article PR article or other kind on any topic (i am and have semi-professional czech writers in my team)
I will provide services in Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany or Austria. If you need someone there, i may help You
I can register a .cz, .sk domain name

Website, design, Hosting
I will create and install a blog, forum for you, i will get you a reasonable priced/quality hosting and domain name
I rent You a linux server for probably lower price than you would find yourself )
I will teach how to use wordpress, phpbb, vbulletin for $2/10 minutes

The cost of one service is usually $5-$20. Small task can be $2. Big task can be $100.

In advance, paypal, libertyreserve, perfectmoney, webmoney, neteller, egopay, solidtrustpay, liqpay, payza

How fast:
Im online usually every day 12 hours, GMT+1. I usually reply within 5 minutes to 24 hours. I can finish the job within few hours to 48 hours around.

Quick text chat

I am glad to help and looking to provide You good service. :hand

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