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Lost emails in Gmail SPAM folder. Disable SPAM filter

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Lost emails in Gmail SPAM folder. Disable SPAM filter

Postby hostingforum » Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:56 pm

Hi there, i realised that when i for example created some online account and that website should send me an email they said that email should receive within 10 minutes and i need to check SPAM folder if not arive.

So i waited for email to arrive to my Windows Mail application. But it did not happend. So i loged into my Gmail account to check SPAM folder and believe it or not, email was there and also more emails which i do not treat aas SPAM! it can happen that some SPAM labelled mails are not downloaded to your email application like Windows Mail, Outlook express etc and stays in your Gmail SPAM folder.

So how to disable gmail SPAM email filtering and receive all emails via POP3 to your mail application?

I found nice quick video tutorial how to set spam filter in Gmail so i want to share with you:

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Re: Lost emails in Gmail SPAM folder. Disable SPAM filter

Postby allricjohnson12 » Mon Sep 03, 2012 10:32 am

As i think that Gmail never moves emails that comes from senders whose email address is listed in the Gmail contact list. However, we adding contact to Gmail still require user to log on to Gmail webmail interface. And user probably have to add in lots of email addresses for friends, families, colleagues, buddies and busiess contacts that keep increasing everyday in order not to miss a single mail from them that been dumped to Spam folder.

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