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Need host suggestions

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Shared Hosting Special Offers & Requests is the forum is intended for web hosting companies to publish their webhosting offers and requests. If You have a specific requirement for your site to post your hosting requirements and get quotes from other members.

Need host suggestions

Postby Shulman » Wed Sep 30, 2020 11:26 am

I am really trying to avoid going with a major web host that throws money into advertising with false review sites and such. But I literally cannot find any legit site that shows trustworthy reviews.
I myself work for one of the major companies and I know the game when it comes to bells and whistles and small print.
I keep seeing advertising things like "Unlimited blah blah" and "99.9% uptime, which is never true. Its usually covered in the small print"
Right now I have a solid game host, but their web hosting isnt very good. They don't have realistic quotas and such.

Here is what I need:
I currently host a simple joomla site so I don't need a crazy amount of disk space. I have had issues with bandwidth being exceeded at 10gb so unlimited bandwidth would be good, as long as it really is unlimited.

I am looking for a Shared Unix hosting
I need a fair allocation for hourly php mails. Right now it is cut at 10 which is ridiculous because everytime someone gets a reply to their forum posts it sends them a notification and I end up with about 25 bounce backs a day. I need to make sure the host allows like 100 or so an hour.
I need mysql and the ability to access it from different ports. In case I need a game plugin that requires a database.
And of course I need good support. Thats one of the things that are hard to get with huge companies like godaddy and network solution etc.
And I am really not looking for any re-seller hosting.
That about sums it up. I really hope I can get some help from this site from people who actually want to help and not just people paid to advertise companies


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Re: Need host suggestions

Postby hostingforum » Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:41 am

I may be able to help, i have read your post and i think you may have no problem.
Are you still looking for the web hosting?

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