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Android: Yahoo login errors at IMO.IM & > FIX?

"User must login on" - What does it mean?! My IMO.IM Android app cant login me into Yahoo messenger. Im trying to figure out why.
Someone told using would help when you login there using YM details. But when i do it, it says "User must login on" and login do not proceed. When i login there on ...
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Solved: PMC Loader failed, Finishing Installation - Pinacle

I SOLVED that :)

You may have similar issues when trying to install and run Pinacle TV Center Pro and installing Pinacle TV card drivers.

I have Windows Vista and it told me error "PMC Loader failed" when running Pinacle application and 2 times installation stuck at the 100% - "Finishing Installation..."

So i terminated Setup application using Ctrl + Alt + Del and restarted computer, then ...
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Android Email passwords protected?

Are my passwords to the gmail & other mailboxes protected in Emails App in the Android OS?

There is some Android App called Android protector which protect some app launch by password, but i guess this is not what i need. I need passwords to mailboxes to be encrypted on SD card or something. Is there any way to safelly store email passwords on android, while not typing them again and again when need to ...
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Feed - What is a RSS feed

Feed is an shortcut for RSS feed and become widely used on the internet. The Feeds are pages or files on Your website which gather last topics or last posts on Your blog or website, or any forum. There can be feed with extension .XML or .PHP.


RSS Feed subscription

The internet browsers are made the way that when you navigate to a feed page it automatically recognize it and ...
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Where is stored Skype chat history (file main.db)

Hi there, if you lost your skype chat history (i mean all what you said on chat with your contacts) and now you see like nothing has been said, you might made a backup of your skype folder or configuration file so you can restore it.

What is the file where are stored Skype chat history?
C:\Users\yourwindowsusername\AppData\Roaming\Skype\yourskypename\main.db (if you cant see these folders, you may try enable show system folders and files (Google it)
if ...
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Skype groups, categories (contact lists) lost

Im using Truecrypt and after my computer reset while images mounted my Skype got problem, i seen some wrong files was detected by chkdsk and it was skype config.xml file or something like that.

What happens:
After i launched skype, it asked me registration or login, so i loged in and all my contacts was downloaded from internet, but i see no contact categories (groups) which is quite big problem because i have many contacts ...
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