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Ways to monetize website Discussion.
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Ways to monetize Website - Discussion

Additional profit for your traffic - Affiliate program JavaS

GRIDCASH.NET - affiliate program to monetize the traffic due to mining cryptocurrency Monero(XMR) from the browsers of visitors!

Mining is in process until the user stays on the page with the integrated code of GRIDCASH.

The advantages working with GRIDCASH:

- Additional monetization of your traffic. You don't lose your advertising space, You don't have to sacrifice any banner or teaser.
- Accept any traffic where you can integrate JavaScript (js code)
- Easy ...
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Monetizing social media network

Hello guys,

Can anyone tell me what is monetizing social media network ?
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In my oppinion behind is a good idea to allow webmasters earn money automatically from their websites and allow easy broad advertising to advertisers.

What is PostLinks for Publishers?
It allow webmasters earn money automatically. For example they add wordpress plugin to their blog and postlinks will automatically update new articles from advertisers to your blog. It will add new comments and intext links. This is very good idea. But what is my PostLinks ...
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External links monetisation - Adult Short Url services

Hi there, i have been searching for adult short url services. Im not sure how they are called but i call them Adult URL shorteners.
Do You know It works the way that you redirect your site visitor first to their intermediary page with an advertisement and after a few seconds human is able to continue to destination page. This way you can monetise hyperlinks. For example external links. In case of wa**z forums ...
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Best converting design offer

Hi, i have found good website about design, tredns and news and i wish to promote some nice converting design offer there. The sale comission of this offer should be at least around $50 and i should be able to promote using unique referral link or something like this.

Do you know any nice converting design/style offer?
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Hi, before some days i have applied for Chitika Publisher account because i wish to monetise my websites, You probably too when you search for Chitika reviews.
I got my Chitika Publisher account approved within few days to week around and i was notiffied by email about the fact.

Then you can easily login to your backoffice from their main page. Then i have added all my domains from My Account / Domains menu, they ...
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SEDO - How to earn money using SEDO

Hi, is there anyone who knows good way how to earn money, monetize domain using
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Pop Up Ads

Most of the Pop Ups Ads are paying a lot for each view. That's because a pop up ad is visible to every single visitor of your site (except if he/ she use pop up blocker). The deal between using or not is if they will harm the quality of your traffic.

If you join a pop up ads program and use pop ups on your site, your earnings will be much more than if ...
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Where to add Banner Ad Space?

I was about to sell a banner space on my blog but I wasn't sure where I should add it so that I will get more advertisers to buy this space.

I though adding it on the top of my blog and make it visible on every page. But I believe that this might make my blog look "cheap".. Then I was ready to add it at the right site of my blog, again visible ...
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Alternative PPC programs to Adsense

We all know that Adsense is the top PPC program and many webmasters use it to monetize their sites. Nowadays is very difficult to get approved from Adsense and most of new webmasters are disappointed when they got banned from Adsense.

Is there any PPC program which can give similar results (having ads every single minute, giving high rate for every click, giving ads on the niche of your site etc..) to Adsense and that ...
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