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Ways to monetize website Discussion.
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Ways to monetize Website - Discussion

Banned, Suspended, Frozen Adsense Account?

Please what was the reason your Adsense account got suspended, banned or frozen? Please dont reveal your account details or any other earning or internal Adsense account information.
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InfoLinks questions

Hello, i have few questions as a new InfoLinks publisher. I have just integrated the code into my website in the footer.

And i enabled tag box and related and search box to automatically appear, but how can i change location of Tag cloud on the webpage and how can i disable it on particular subpage?

Second question: Related Tags: How can i disable appearance on certain subpage? What the Value attribute of the Ralated ...
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Smowtion review and experience

Hi, i have been using Smowtion at TophostingForum last 2-3 months, and there has been like 5000 impressions monthly, which is quite small. At the bottom of the forum i had 468x60 smowtion banner.
I think that smowtion code quite delayed overal webpage load time, sometimes few seconds. And the money i got for last 2-3 months? $0,34 :yes

So im disabling Smowtion ads on this website. ...
Read more : Smowtion review and experience | Views : 1855 | Replies : 0 SEO effect?

Hi there, i would like to monetize To hosting forum by Infolinks intext "bubble" ads, and im curious if there can be any SERP position decrease because i implement these infolinks ads? What do you think please?
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How to make money bloging (Adsense etc)

Hi, maybe you got interested how you can earn money having your personal website and blog. it is quite easy and i will describe my advice how to do it.

Create website on topic you like to write about (you can use free hosting with subdomain or order your own doamin and hosting if you are serious i advice WebhostingHub and Wordpress blog)

your blog topic can be "money making" for example or anything ...
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What is monetizing website ?

Hey friends i never listen about monetizing website so can you tell me please what is monetizing website ?
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Most important steps to Earn Money


today when i woke up, i decided i will try to find the way how to finally make some good cash from home. Maybe You are in same situation and you are unsure what steps to take to start earning money. I assume you will be making money with Your website, salespage or any other advertisement.

And i got an idea.

I dare and tend to say, that the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT step ...
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Most flexible and fitting website monetisation

By my oppinion most flexible is adding a PPC Ad on the website.

We just register an account with company like Google Adsense and place the right sized Ad spot code on the website. Then content relevant ads are served to our visitors.

There are PPC companies like:
Google Adsense

The best is Adsense, but they are not for adult websites and are quite strict.

What is the most flexible and fitting website ...
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Quick way to monetise forum

Hi, what do you think is the best way to monetise forum. Like tophostingforum.

What is the quick and effective, no time consuming way?

I put some niche related affiliate banners on the top. Maybe adding Adsense, but im little bit afraid they can ban the account because of adult or any other disallowed content.
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BacklinksGenius - Monetize WordPress,Drupal,Joomla,Blogger

Hi, its around year when im using BacklinksGenius to monetize my Wordpress blogs. This system really filled the empty spot on the market.

What does it do? Its really simple. You download and install BacklinksGenius plugin into your publishing platform - WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and or Blogger.

Then system automatically add links the advertisers paid for to the articles of your website, and pay you automatically into your account balance for the links added.

You ...
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