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Backup application

If you are a programmer looking for work or seeking the services of a programmer, this is the place to look. Programmer forum
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If you are a programmer looking for work or seeking the services of a programmer, this is the place to look. Programmer forum

Backup application

Postby hostingforum » Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:05 am

Hello, i want you to create windows application for me, preferably one which dont require net framework, so people dont have issues running it?
I been searching for this, but did not found. It should be app where you can add backup jobs and they are run as per your request automatically on background.

APP overview:
It automated backup tasks (selected files,folders(incl. subfolders and its files),FTP,HTTP download)

APP functions:
- For each backup task user can set frequency when this task will be executed, like weekly in sunday 21:00, run every 10 minutes, each 48 hours, or one time, set date and time

- if job is not executed because computer is off and the task is ran 2 times a week or less frequent its started immediatelly when application launch (its System tray agent after Computer launch), only 1 skipped task is executed (like computer was offline 2 weeks, we wont do 4 missed tasks at a time) tasks are executed on background. Can be terminated or paused from Tray agent

- Backups are backed up into ZIP files or .bckp like files or as it is into folders jobname_2012_10_29_22_10/backedupfilesandflders

- For every job user can set backup retention, it means app will check destination backup folder for existing backups and it will leave set number of old backups (like user set to retain 2,3,4,5.. last backups, when app creating new backup, it delete oldest backup and create new.

- Backup job can login to FTP and its folder to download named files or folders and its subfolders+files, Backup job can also upload files from computer and backup to FTP, it can also download files from FTP, temporarily store an ZIP/.bckp and upload to other FTP server. Also do retention job to delete files over set number of last backup files.

- Bakcup job can download certain file from internet like (jpg, txt, doc...) and backup in userdefined folder

- In main app interface is cell with clickable hyperlink to the webpage i set, In help menu About App you can mention Yourself as developer and your website

APP is structured, easy and simple to use, maybe can be translated and words are taken from config file (English.ini,French.ini,German.ini...)

Additional ideas on App functions:
- Job can empty certain folder, or selected files, filetype in certain folder
- Job can execute application or command after its finished or its job itself
- Application will be Adaware, in app main interface will be box which will show certian webpage (text and links)

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