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How to add an Add-On Domain in HostGator?

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How to add an Add-On Domain in HostGator?

Postby hostingforum » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:51 am

For any HostGator account, relative path to domains begin with “Home” folder which is followed by “public_html” folder, considered to be the primary domain’s web root. When a sub-domain or add-on domain is created it exists as folder within web root. When it comes to HostGator server, both the sub-domain and add-on domain are equal however, if the add-on domain is configured properly it appears as the primary domain to the visitors. Add-on domain name feature offered by cpanel allows the addition of domain name to hosting account and even creates domain storage space for online hosting of website.

Provided below are steps to add add-on domain in HostGator:

Step 1
Users of HostGator need to go to domain management area from the where the domain was purchased and point domain to HostGator nameservers. Nameserver information can be located in “Account Information Section” within cPanel’s bottom along left sidebar.

Step 2
After that, they are required to log in to their cPanel account in HostGator and click on “Add-on Domains” which can be located under “Domains” section of your cpanel control panel main page.


Step 3
The new domain name needs to be typed within the field which refers “New Domain Name” located under the section named “Create Add-on Domain”.

Step 4
Within the field provided as “Subdomain/FTP Username”, they are required to type the domain’s name without including the “.com”.

Step 5
5. Relative path to the new domain needs to be typed in the field provided as “Document Root”. This process helps in the creation of add-on domain inside the web root. (/home/yourusername/public_html/subdomainfolder)


Step 6
6. Within the “Password” field the password needs to be typed and the same password should again be provided on the field mentioned as “Password Again”. Once this is done, the “Add Domain” button needs to be clicked. The add-on domain which has been created appears in the section, “Modify Add-on Domain”.

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