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FREE 100 web sites uptime monitoring. In-depth monitoring

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FREE 100 web sites uptime monitoring. In-depth monitoring

Postby Dendro » Fri Aug 07, 2015 7:41 am

100% Server and Website Uptime is critical nowadays. You need to be sure that your server or VPS is not overloaded and that your site is UP when Search Engine Bots visit it, when your users place orders, etc…

Most web hosts offer 100% uptime, BUT how do you make sure it is really high? That is what [B]CloudStats here for! Using CloudStats tools you will be sure that your uptime and server health is under control. Moreover, you will always GET ALERT in the way you chose if something is not working as expected. That will allow you to react to those changes immediately and prevent loss of users, orders and positions in Search Engines![/B]


SIGN UP NOW and get free 100 Websites monitoring for FREE!!


CloudStats is a Monitoring-as-a-Service technology that will allow you to monitor your whole IT infrastructure in a friendly interface. The system activates within a few seconds and does not require deep technical knowledge and on-premises setup.

At the same time CloudStats provides a complete solution with internal and external monitoring features. It monitors all essential server parameters with our 100% secure open source agent. It also monitors uptime from various geographical locations and thus gives full picture about stability of your infrastructure.

Moreover, CloudStats will help you to prevent downtime with configurable alerts via e-mail and Skype in case of high load or any custom instability that you want to avoid.

CloudStats designed 3 plans for you to monitor your servers, IPs and websites! Each plan includes:

- 100 Website Monitors, so that you can also monitor all your websites from the same place as your servers and IPs
- 1 Minute Check Intervals and Unlimited Data Retention
- Unlimited number of users that you can allow to access CloudStats or assigned parts of it
- Unlimited monitoring of all available server parameters, services and ports
- Unlimited number of alerts via e-mail and Skype that you can easily customize
- 30 day MoneyBack Guarantee

Basic Monitoring
$9.99 per month
3 Linux & Windows Server Monitors and 3 IP Uptime Monitors
[url="[price_package_id]=27?utm_source=otherforums&utm_medium=thread&utm_campaign=sysadminsprepaid"]SIGN UP[/url]

Business Monitoring
$14.99 per month
5 Linux & Windows Server Monitors and 5 IP Uptime Monitors
[url="[price_package_id]=30?utm_source=otherforums&utm_medium=thread&utm_campaign=sysadminsprepaid"]SIGN UP[/url]

Enterprise Monitoring
$19.99 per month
20 Linux & Windows Server Monitors and 20 IP Uptime Monitors
[url="[price_package_id]=33?utm_source=otherforums&utm_medium=thread&utm_campaign=sysadminsprepaid"]SIGN UP[/url]

More About CloudStats

Monitor it all

- Monitor all your Servers and Websites from one dashboard, no matter where they are hosted
- Monitor any server type (Dedicated, VPS, cloud, droplet, etc.) on any OS (Linux, Windows, OS X, etc.)
- Monitor 20+ server parameters: CPU, RAM, network, bandwidth, etc.
- Monitor IPs, Ports and Services (e.g. HTTP, DNS, DB)
- Ping for availability from 13 external locations

No hassle

- Get timely alerts on Skype and Email, Slack coming soon.
- No need to configure and setup a monitoring environment. Simply log into a cloud dashboard, and you're good to go.
- Linux monitoring agent installs in one command, Windows – one executable. Get a server monitored in under a minute.

Maximum convenience and security

- Have your whole IT infrastructure at your fingertips with CloudStats intuitive dashboard
- User-friendly pingmap and heatmap for all your servers on 1 page
- Informative graphs and charts about every monitored parameter
- Find your infrastructure bottlenecks with CloudStats visualization
- 100% secure open source agent that you can check for yourself

Please feel free to see for yourself how our system works with the help of our unlimited [B]Demo account


Have a question? Please feel free to contact us:

Skype: sales.cloudstats
Email: sales[at]

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