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Ways to monetize Website - Discussion Review

Postby hostingforum » Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:08 am

In my oppinion behind is a good idea to allow webmasters earn money automatically from their websites and allow easy broad advertising to advertisers.

What is PostLinks for Publishers?
It allow webmasters earn money automatically. For example they add wordpress plugin to their blog and postlinks will automatically update new articles from advertisers to your blog. It will add new comments and intext links. This is very good idea. But what is my PostLinks publisher experience?
I experienced alot of very poor written (maybe spinned) articles. System at the time i tried it is not good made. It flood my Pagerank blog with new posts without me knowing it will happen instantly. These were offtopic poor written posts. Overal quality of posts is poor and for example advertisser wordpress blog comments text is duplicate also on other websites. I think google would very quickly penalise site using such low quality content. Just my oppinion. may improve their system so this review is no longer important. website

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