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SSL certifficate - basic questions and answers 4U

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SSL certifficate - basic questions and answers 4U

Postby hostingforum » Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:30 pm

Here is more about cheap cerifficates from

I was interested in these:
Comodo PositiveSSL
Comodo EssentialSSL
GEOTrust RapidSSL

1) 'Can i use them only for domain managed by namecheap or can i buy also for domains i have elsewhere?'

There are no restrictions on domain names registration since Certificate Authorities are independent entities, thus feel free to activate the certificate for any domain name registered elsewhere.

2)'Do i need to provide any electronically scanned copies of my documents in these certificates? (im not entrepreneur)'

No, since all of the certificates you are asking about are domain validated ones, no paperwork is required.

3)'Will any of my personal informations be accessible to my website visitors thanks to above certificates?'

No, personal information is not included into the issued certificate.

4)'When having above 3 certificates, will Chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox ask new visitor to confirm anything or it goes automatically SSL?'

Properly installed certificate will not ask for any confirmation or cause any errors is browsers.

5)'Please which of the 3 certificates show green bar in browser address field or a "lock", "padlock" sign?'

Green bar in an address filed of a browser is an option to certificates with extended validation only, thus none from SSL certificates you are interested in will allow this. As to the padlock in browser - it is shown together with every correctly installed SSL certificate.

This is how PositiveSSL, EssentialSSL and RapidSSL should look like in Internet explorer and Chrome
chrome_ie_ssl_padlock_example.GIF (7.77 KiB) Viewed 1624 times

Not entrepreneur? And want SSL?

I have just been contacting Comodo support to ask whether i can have their Comodo Positive SSL and Essential SSL working on my personal domain (not being entrepreneur) and they said YES.

The process is domain veriffication. Meaning they send you an email to administration contact email of your domain. You click the link and enter mentioned code. You are done.

Then you need to fill out CSR (Certificate Signing Request) so Your name, email, domain name, city, country. These informations are encrypted in your SSL certifficate KEY (used to create it).

In the CSR you need to fill our organisation name and field but i was told by Comodo that full name even im not entrepreneur can be used.

Certifficates are issued even within hours.

A guide on how to setup SSL certifficate on a WHM/cPanel server here:

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