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HTTP error codes.

Postby LLHOST » Fri Oct 28, 2022 8:31 pm

HTTP error codes. EN.jpg
HTTP error codes. EN.jpg (179.21 KiB) Viewed 411 times

HTTP error codes.

Every Internet user at least once stumbled upon errors that are displayed when trying to access a website. Technically, it works like this: the server accepts requests from the user via a browser (or a client), processes information and gives the answer in the form of a numeric code that indicates the response status.

HTTP status codes are standardized three-digit codes that a web server returns in response to HTTP requests from network clients. The first digit indicates the status class. Currently, there are five classes of status response codes (depending on which you need to take certain actions):
1. Informational (100–199).
2. Successful (200–299).
3. Redirection (300–399).
4. Client error (400–499).
5. Server error (500–599).

Successful and Informational server responses remain invisible for us, while codes referring to a request processing error are displayed on the screen. In this article, we will analyze the main standard types of errors and the possible causes of their occurrence.

4** Client error response (400-499).
HTTP status codes 400-499 indicate an error on the client side of the browser. For example, a request for a non-existent page or lack of valid authentication information. Also, it may be incorrect settings of the web server, site scripts, etc.

Error 400. Bad Request.
Indicates that the request cannot be understood by the server, as it was not made correctly. An invalid URL may have been specified, or a technical failure occurred while transferring data for one of the following reasons:
- unstable Internet connection;
- blocking data transfer by antivirus or firewall;
- browser attempting to download a file that is too large;
- corrupt or expired cookies.

Error 401. Unauthorized.
This code means that authentication is required to access the resource. The login and password were not included in the server's request.

Error 403. Forbidden.
The server cannot fulfill the request due to access restrictions on the resource. In other words, restrictions were imposed by the server administrator or developers. Reasons may be an attempt to access web server system resources such as .htaccess or .htpasswd files, or from a blocked IP address.

Error 404. Not Found.
It is the most common error code. The server cannot find the file or page. The reason may be:
- wrong page address;
- the page has been moved or deleted;
- technical failure due to which the page is temporarily unavailable.
The 404 error code is also used to hide the real reason for refusing to process a request. For security reasons, a 403 error can be disguised as a 404 error.

Error 405. Method Not Allowed.
For each type of operation (download, data transfer), the HTTP protocol requires its own method: GET, POST, and others. This error means that the method defined in the Request-Line cannot be applied to the current resource. It can be displayed, for example, when trying to process files using the POST method instead of the Apache server, or when the interaction between the POST method and the FastCGI module is incorrectly configured.

Error 406. Not Acceptable.
It is a quite rare error that means "the server issues information in a form that the browser or crawler cannot recognize due to data compression or an unsupported format".

Error 407. Proxy Authentication Required.
The error is similar to code 401. The only difference is the authentication is required for the proxy server. As usually, the answer contains recommendations for its fixing.

Error 408. Request timed out.
It means that server timed out for transmission from client. It occurs when large sized files are being transferred, or there is a temporary loss of Internet connectivity, or the server is temporarily overloaded. You can solve this error simply by reloading the page, as well as checking the Internet connection or visit the resource later.

Error 409. Conflict.
Indicates a conflict between the request and the server configuration. Possible reasons:
- conflict with proxies through which the server is accessed;
- access conflict between files on the server itself;
- virus software on the user's device;
- failures in the browser.

Error 410. Gone.
It is similar to a 404 error: The requested page or document is not available. However, a 410 error is displayed when the requested resource has been irreversibly deleted.

Error 411. Length required.
When files are transferred by certain methods and the amount of transferred data is limited, the server refuses to accept a request without a Content-Length header.

Error 412. Precondition failed.
This error means that a precondition processing failure or error was encountered while checking one or more request header fields. To fix the error, it is usually enough to clear the cache and cookies.

Error 413. Request Entity Too Large.
It is displayed when the request is larger than the web server can handle, such as when a file is too large to download. To eliminate it is recommended:
- to compress an image or video before uploading to decrease file size;
- do not upload multiple files at the same time;
- to allow the large file size by changing the settings of the web server that are referred to downloading.

Error 414. Request-URI Too Long.
The server is rejecting the request because the specified URI is too long. This error can occur when the CMS code is configured incorrectly. In the administration panel, each time you go from page to page, data with parameters is added to the URL until the link exceeds the limit. Also, the frequency of displaying error 414 may indicate hacking attempts.

Error 415. Unsupported Media Type.
The server refuses to process a request with the specified data type because the request body has an unsupported format.

Error 416. Range Not Satisfiable.
The server cannot process the request because the Range field in the request header is specified by a range outside the resource.

Error 417. Expectation Failed.
The server for some reason cannot satisfy the value of the requested Expect field header and refuses to process the request.

Error 422. Unprocessable Entity.
This error indicates that the server cannot perform the request because one or more elements may have a logical error.

Error 423. Locked.
The server is refusing to process the request as one of the required resources is blocked to apply this specified method.

Error 424. Failed Dependency.
This error occurs when the server's implementation of the current request depends on another operation that cannot be performed.

Error 426. Upgrade Required.
The server requested to update the connection protocol, but SSL is not supported by the client.

Error 429. Too Many Requests.
Indicates that the user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time. As usually, the response indicates how long to wait before making a new request. It can also point to an attempted DDoS attack.

Error 451. Unavailable For Legal Reasons.
Means that access to the resource was closed for legal reasons. This may be the requirement of public authorities or copyright holders in copyright infringement cases.

Error 499. Client Closed Request.
This is a non-standard code for cases where the client closed the connection without waiting for a response to his request.

5** Server error responses (500–599).
These codes are referred to the errors on the server side. They say that the request is correct and meets all the requirements of the server, but at the moment the server cannot process it. Usually, an explanation of the error is displayed with the code.

Error 500. Internal Server Error.
This error displays any internal server error that is outside the class range. The server is unable to determine the issue or has faced an unexpected condition that prevents it from fulfilling the request.

Error 501. Not Implemented.
In comparison with error 405, when a request method is rejected as invalid, error 501 indicates that the server does not recognize the request method and is unable to process it.

Error 502. Bad Gateway Error.
The error indicates an invalid response message from the upstream server when the request goes through a proxy server and one of the servers in the chain is unable to process the request. This is possible for the following reasons:
- server malfunction;
- of communication between the sections of the request;
- firewall blocking the request;
- incorrect server configurations;
- conflict between servers settings.

Error 503. Service Unavailable.
The server is unable to process requests due to temporary overload or serving:
- the server received too many requests at the same time, and has no enough power to process them;
- technical maintenance is undergoing on the server;
- the limit of users connected to the server has been exceeded.
Also, this error may indicate a DDoS attack or server overload due to insufficient server capacity.

Error 504 Gateway Timeout.
Means that the server as a proxy server did not await for a response from the upstream server, to which the request was sent. The reasons can be either a too short timeout in the settings, or an unstable Internet connection between servers, or server overload with requests.

Error 505. Version Not Supported.
This response can be received if the server does not support the HTTP protocol version passed in the request header. The answer usually contains an explanation of the reason.

Error 507. Not Extended.
The server cannot successfully process the request due to insufficient storage. The problem may be temporary.

Error 510. Not Extended.
The server cannot process the request because the requested extension is missing. You can also require the information about the extensions available to the server.

This is such an impressive list. But those are just standard errors! Experimental or draft are not included to the list. Experience has proven that errors 403, 404, 504 are the most common. They are easy to remember. In other cases, you can always turn to the LLHOST INC. blog, which replenishes your “knowledge bank” weekly.

But that's not all the benefits! Until November 11, 2022, a promo code #httpcodes is valid for all virtual and VPN servers of LLHOST INC. This means that any virtual server (OVS) or VPN server (PVS) plan can be purchased at a -12% discount for 3 months with a monthly billing cycle. And let the errors you meet as little as possible!

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Re: Super Fast OVS Hosting| - 99.9% Uptime + 2

Postby LLHOST » Fri Nov 04, 2022 10:14 pm

WHYVPS.jpg (174.65 KiB) Viewed 392 times

Why does your business need a virtual server?

Every business owner, in order to dominate the market or expand his company, has to optimize it with various IT technologies. So, different online shops, information portals and websites of companies not only host their own website, but also implement various control systems related to the storage and management of information. In this case, virtual servers can assist you. They are an excellent alternative to physical servers, which take up a lot of office space and require a significant investment to organize and maintain.

A virtual server can perform many different tasks, being, in fact, a universal solution for any business. Let's consider the most popular of them.

Corporate websites.
Hosting your corporate website requires significant processing capacity and enhanced security. This is a prerequisite for the web resources that store personal data. Virtual servers have an individual environment with its operating system and software used only by your company.

Online shops.
For a fast and steady running trading platforms, you just need a powerful virtual server. According to the statistics of Data Insight, a research agency specializing in the Internet market, one of the most important factors for online shoppers is the quick download pages and the ability to make a successful purchase.

Media content platforms.
These include photo stocks, video hosting, music services, etc. Such resources must withstand a large server load, not to cause delays when uploading and downloading files. A virtual server will provide maximum speed even during extreme traffic peaks.

Email server.
It's quite impossible to imagine a company that does not use email. It is used both in internal communication and in communication with customers and partners: for promotional mailings, notice updates, etc. A unique domain email address, control and restrictions on accessing the mailbox, creation of new or additional email addresses - these are the main advantages of your own email server.

IP calls.
Virtual Servers LLHOST INC. can be used for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. They are powerful enough to install all the required software and store all the call recordings. It is a great solution for call centres, customer support or companies whose activities are related to telephone calls.

Virtual work environment.
We've already covered all the advantages of a remote desktop. Virtual work environment is an ideal solution for different departments or employees working on the same project and interacting with each other on an ongoing basis. This will allow access at any time from anywhere, while protecting the company's confidential information.

Automation of business processes.
Most companies have already implemented 1C, CRM, databases, billing systems and others to automate their business processes. That software can be easily setted up and configured on a virtual server with access limitation depending on the employee's activities.

It is recommended to store databases on a separate server. This will prevent the loss of information in case your PC is affected by a malicious virus or an attack on the company's website, because you're the only one who has access to the server.

Your own VPN.
While free VPNs are insecure as well as many paid apps are geo-restricted, it's easy to set up your own VPN on a virtual server to increase your online privacy and security. You can find all the instructions on How to set up your own VPN on LLHOST INC. virtual servers in our blog.

Creative agencies.
Virtual servers allow you to connect an unlimited number of domains and databases. Thanks to this, you will be able to develop and test numerous websites or services, which will run uninterruptedly.

This is why a virtual server is one of the prerequisites for the development and expansion of any company. Enjoy all the features of a physical server like high performance, maximum speed, etc. by using LLHOST INC. virtual servers without substantial investments in infrastructure. Enter the promo code #whyvps when ordering any virtual servers from LLHOST INC. until November 18, 2022, and benefit a -13% discount for 3 months on a monthly billing cycle.

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How to choose a VPN?

Postby LLHOST » Sat Nov 12, 2022 8:44 pm

How to choose a VPN_ EN.jpg
How to choose a VPN_ EN.jpg (176.09 KiB) Viewed 373 times
How to choose a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology for a secure and private connection to a network that allows access to resources and services with geo-restrictions. There is a great number of VPN services available today, both applications and servers, both paid and free (their comparison can be found here). And if all the providers declare anonymity, then how to choose the best service among similar ones?

Let's start with the main advantages of using a VPN:
• anonymous use of the Internet;
• data encryption during transmission;
• access to resources with geo-restrictions;
• remote access to work/home PC;
• safe connection to the public Wi-Fi hotspots.

What are the criteria for choosing a VPN provider? We have prepared 9 tips for you to help you find the perfect service for you.

1. Choose the possibility of multi-connections.
If you want to use VPN for all the gadgets in your home, or even an entire department at work, it's important to choose a VPN provider that allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time.

2. Check device compatibility.
Some VPN services support certain operating systems. When choosing a provider, it's important to make sure that all platforms you use are supported.

3. Explore possible payment methods.
Being able to pay for the services from any country in the world in any currency, including cryptocurrency, is one of the advantages of LLHOST INC. Earlier we've published a full list of available ways of payment in our blog.

4. Pay attention to the Data Centres' locations.
Using a VPN will always cause slower speeds. It can be a slight slowdown or a sharper one. The farer you are to the Data Centre, the more speed loose will be. So we recommend connecting to VPN servers that are geographically closer to you.

Important! Keep in mind, that the power of your device as well as the speed of your Internet connection also affect the overall download speed.

5. Make sure the provider is reliable.
A free VPN is characterized by traffic restrictions, bandwidth restrictions and, most importantly, a dubious privacy policy. This means that your personal data can be provided to the third parties.

6. Identify geo-blocked content locations.
In order to access geo-restricted resources, it is important not only to connect to a VPN server, but also to make sure that the content is available in the country(s) you connect with. VPN servers from LLHOST INC. have frequently reaffirmed that they can bypass all blocking (for example, Netflix).

7. Check bandwidth limitations.
Bandwidth limits, as well as exceeding the allocated amount of bandwidth, can affect the speed.

8. Query the protocols to be used.
For increased privacy, make sure your provider uses modern VPN protocols such as OpenVPN and WireGuard.

9. Look for a VPN provider with customer support.
All VPN services are constantly working on optimization, so it is very important to be able to contact customer support at any time. The ideal solution is 24/7 technical support.

These simple tips, combined with cybersecurity rules, will help solve the issue of confidentiality and data safety, as well as protect against hacking threats, which is especially important for business security and maintaining brand reputation. Therefore, VPN servers from LLHOST INC. not only provide an additional level of privacy and security, but also guarantee a high-speed connection and access to any content around the world.

Today we have prepared a special offer for all our followers: a -14% discount on VPN servers from LLHOST INC. for 3 months with a monthly billing cycle. Until November 25, 2022, enter the promo code #choosevpn in a special field when you place your order. Do not forget to tell your friends, because the promo code is valid for an unlimited number of users!

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New VPS product generation from LLHOST INC.

Postby LLHOST » Sat Nov 19, 2022 5:15 pm

New VPS EN.jpg
New VPS EN.jpg (181.21 KiB) Viewed 354 times
New VPS product generation from LLHOST INC.

In 2022 our customers defined Optimized Virtual Servers (OVS) as an absolute LLHOST INC.’s bestseller. This outstanding acknowledgement encouraged us to push it even further and upgrade almost every aspect of virtual servers we provide, starting at hardware and ending at provision time. We had implemented so many major and minor changes that the introducing of a new product became clearly evident. That's where the new story begins.

LLHOST INC. are happy to announce our new virtual servers’ generation — VPS Netherlands!

Let’s see what is inside the VPS Netherlands line.

VPS Netherlands’ plans are based on:
• KVM virtualization;
• Dell platforms only;
• latest gen AMD and Intel® Xeon® CPUs;
• REG ECC RAM only;
• Enterprise SSDs only;
• top-Tier Data Centers and upstream providers.

Each VPS Netherlands’ plan includes:
• 10 mins SLA setup;
• 24/7 - 15 mins response SLA support;
• Anti-DDoS firewall;
• Nested Virtualization allowed;
• unmetered Internet bandwidth;
• discounts on long-term billing cycles;
• and many more tiny bits and bobs that are designed to improve your LLHOST INC.’s virtual servers experience.

To celebrate the launch, we have prepared for you a -15% discount for 6 months with a monthly billing cycle! To use it, enter the promo code #harderbetterfasterstronger in the special field when choosing any plan of VPS Netherlands line. The promotion runs until January 1, 2023.

LLHOS INC. team experts will gladly answer any questions in our Ticket-system or Telegram chat.

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Honest Black Friday: -50% on VPS!

Postby LLHOST » Fri Nov 25, 2022 8:49 am

bf22.jpg (30.27 KiB) Viewed 336 times

Honest Black Friday: -50% on VPS!

"BLACK FRIDAY 2022!" "The biggest Sale of the Year!" "Black Friday promotions!" "The big sale is ON!" "Hurry up for Black Friday shopping!"

Such headlines are everywhere, announcing the beginning of global sales. Mailboxes are literally flooded with special offers in order to attract as many buyers as possible. It is a "hot" weekend, when everybody is in a hurry to purchase goods with the holy "SALE" price tag.

LLHOST INC. has a different approach. We are gladly announcing BLACK FRIDAY MONTH! Yes, an entire month of discounts!

We recently launched a new generation of virtual serversVPS Netherlands. This product complies with all modern technology specifications and has already received positive feedback from new users and LLHOST INC. loyal customers. This is why Black Friday we offer you the best we have: VPS Netherlands with a -50% discount for 3 months!

Take advantage of this offer with only 3 steps:
1. Select any VPS Netherlands’ plan.
2. Enter the promo code #BlackFriday50* in the special field.
3. Choose the convenient payment method.

Done! Top product for half the price. The time is now!

Have questions or need help choosing the right plan? LLHOST INC. experts will be pleased to assist you through our Ticket system or Telegram chat.

*Promo code is valid for 3 months of monthly billing cycle and can be applied until December 25, 2022 by an unlimited number of users. This discount cannot be combined with other special offers.

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Managed vs Unmanaged server. Which one to choose?

Postby LLHOST » Sun Dec 04, 2022 12:17 pm

ManagedvsUnmanaged.jpg (64.14 KiB) Viewed 303 times

Managed vs Unmanaged server. Which one to choose?

Hosting providers offer a wide range of products to meet all the users' needs. There are some basic specifications in order to choose a VPS:
- high uptime,
- technical support available 24/7,
- ability to scale plans,
- additional security services, etc.
You can learn more about this from the post in our blog.

To continue the subject of VPS selection, let's look at what managed, and unmanaged servers are, and what are used for.

Managed hosting ensures that your server is administrated by the provider. In fact, you get additional services to the standard configurations of unmanaged hosting, such as software updates, mailbox, database management, installation of add-ons, which, of course, are reflected in the price of the plan. It can be recommended for users with no technical knowledge on server operation. As usually, the functionality is limited and depends on the service provider.

An unmanaged VPS is completely controlled by the customer. The software and operating system configuration, as well as total control over server configurations and operation, allow you to customize the server environment according to your preferences.

An unmanaged VPS has several advantages over a managed VPS.

The primary benefit of an unmanaged VPS is full control (in terms of bandwidth, memory, software installation and storage usage). Flexibility in settings allows you to install selected applications that best meet your needs or are required for specific tasks. It's easy to create a separate environment within the server or isolate resources for different projects. Finally, unmanaged VPS servers are ideal for businesses with high bandwidth requirements.

What factors should be considered when choosing an unmanaged VPS?

Virtualization. Learn the available features of virtualization software. VPS Netherlands are based on KVM, which has more core settings and more software options available.

Resources. Over time, your project will expand and require additional resources. Ensure you can scale your plan as needed.

OS compatibility. Not all providers offer unmanaged Windows VPS or all Windows OS distributions, and the same can be said about Linux.

OS distributions. If you need a specific OS version, make sure it's on the provider's services list.

Uptime. Make sure your server provider has minimal downtime. VPS Netherlands’ uptime rates to date are 99.9%.

Additional services. Some projects may require additional components, such as IP addresses. We recommend choosing a provider that can offer these services.

Technical support. Despite the fact that an unmanaged VPS implies full control over the system, LLHOST INC.'s multi-lingual support is available 24/7 for any queries.

The decision to select a VPS is based on your technical experience, project needs, budget, etc.

We just want to kindly remind you that Black Friday MONTH is in full swing! And VPS Netherlands from LLHOST INC. gets -50% OFF with the promo code #BlackFriday50! Hurry up to apply it before December 25, 2022 and share it with your friends, because the promo code can be applied by an unlimited number of users.

Note! The discount is valid for 3 months of the monthly billing cycle and may not be combined with other special offers.

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6 tips to check the server before the Christmas holidays.

Postby LLHOST » Sun Dec 11, 2022 10:45 pm

6tips.jpg (69.86 KiB) Viewed 288 times
6 tips to check the server before the Christmas holidays.

Winter holidays always come with long weekends. Someone decides to spend it with family and friends, and someone leaves for a vacation. Anyway, you don't want to get back to work, even for a minute.

We have prepared for you a list of recommendations to check the server before the long vacation, so that you can celebrate without worrying about your projects.

1. Check your balance.
Server invoice is the most important and, at the same time, most often forgotten to pay. Check the time frame of your services. We recommend that you make sure that your balance is not zero. It is even better to pay in advance so that the server is not stopped for non-payment. Also, in the case of a bank payment method, take into consideration some time for the funds to be credited to your account.

Don't forget that you also need to verify payment for additional services, such as domain name, SSL certificate (if used), IP addresses, services provided under a paid subscription. For example, an SSL certificate has to be installed on the server instead of the expired one, even if you have automated payments.

2. Set up tracking.
During the holidays, there is always an increased load on the servers, which can result in their downtime. The risks of other external factors are also not excluded as well. A tracking service will notify you of any issue that occurs. It can be achieved through scripts that send emails or by installing special tracking apps.

3. Keep logins and passwords within your reach.
Ensure that you always have access "keys" with you, at least to the main resources: your email account, personal account and server. They can be saved, for example, in a password manager or notes on a mobile phone. This will save you time and allow you to solve any problem promptly, because it may happen that due to the lack of access to a resource, any minor problem will turn into a global one.

4. Ensure free storage.
Lack of disk space is one of the frequent reasons why your project is unavailable. You can test the upload to the server with special utilities, commands, or tracking services. We recommend that you check these settings:
• cache space that your project requires,
• log files,
• backups that are saved to the same disk,
• at least 40% of space is available.

5. Keep backup copies.
Backup is necessary to form a data archive that is protected from changes and damage, as well as to restore the project in case of damage or failures in the original source. Save all data back up before the holidays using the "3-2-1" rule. It consists of creating 3 copies at a time, 2 of which are stored on physical storage devices and the other in digital format.

6. Improve network security and DDoS protection.
Server security is always our priority, and is particularly relevant during vacations. Almost every Internet project, from business applications to web development and online services, requires increased fault tolerance, performance and data protection. We recommend switching passwords and using servers with anti-DDoS services. VPS Netherlands from LLHOST INC. include DDoS mitigations that scan all incoming traffic and cut suspicious packets in accordance with established rules.

These simple tips will allow you to avoid unnecessary worries on the server during the winter vacation. In addition, you can also get a DDoS-protected virtual server for half the price!

LLHOST INC. is still on Black Friday MONTH! Until December 25, 2022 VPS Netherlands are available with a -50% discount on the website or with the promo code #BlackFriday50. This promotion is valid for 3 months of the monthly billing cycle for an unlimited number of users.

Want to find out all the specifications to choose the right plan? Visit!

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Avatar: The Way of Water. Worldwide release.

Postby LLHOST » Fri Dec 16, 2022 11:47 am

Avatar.jpg (73.27 KiB) Viewed 278 times

Avatar: The Way of Water. Worldwide release.

Released in 2009, “Avatar” was a huge success and continues to be the highest grossing movie of all time. So 13 years later, since the movie hit the public, we're going back to Pandora. December 16, 2022 is the day when the world will see the next chapter of the story. It is the date of the world premiere of the eagerly awaited sequel "Avatar: The Way of the Water".

The release of the movie was planned for December 2014. However, its launch has been delayed eight times because of multiple pre-production problems, as it was designed to be a visual show with staggering effects and the best 3D technologies. The pre-broadcast took place earlier in London, and almost all participants agreed that director James Cameron is definitely creating different visuals of everything we've seen on the screen before. And “Avatar: The Way of Water” also has a more personal emotional development of the story. 3 hours and 12 minutes of CNA hours seems to make up for the long wait between films.

In an interview, Cameron said, "I felt I had to do the same thing [as Jackson did with The Lord of the Rings]. I had to play this as if the books already existed. So the only way for us to do that was to write all the scripts and let the actors read all the scripts and see where their characters were going and what it all meant".

Long before he began working on the sequel, he spent several years writing “The Avatar Bible”, where he described the entire saga: world, mindset and characters. And this time, James Cameron also took on the role of screenwriter with Josh Friedman, author of War of the Worlds, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

An official synopsis says, "Jake Sully is living with his new family on planet Pandora. Once the troubles begin to follow them, he co-operates with Neytiri and the Na'vi army to protect his planet". This only unveils the mystery as well as the trailers.

The production crew specified that the film focuses on Jake, whose human consciousness has been permanently loaded into his Na'vi body. Along with Neytiri and their children, he is forced to leave their home and explore other areas of Pandora, including its oceans, in order to save their family. While “Avatar: The Way of Water” is the sequel to the first film, the team has repeatedly pointed out that this is a full-fledged story.

Looking forward for Cameron to once again makes a 3D revolution in cinemas, we're going to the premiere of “Avatar: The Way of Water” with you.

And yes, good news are never not much! We remind you that -50% discount for VPS Netherlands from LLHOST INC. with DDoS protection (L3-L4) is extended until December 25, 2022.

Check out all the technical specifications on the website and choose the appropriate plan. The discount applies to 3 months of the monthly billing cycle and cannot be combined with other special offers.

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Merry Christmas from LLHOST INC.!

Postby LLHOST » Sun Dec 25, 2022 8:52 pm

xmas2.jpg (99.16 KiB) Viewed 251 times

Merry Christmas from LLHOST INC.!

LLHOST INC. team is wishing a Christmas that's merry and bright to you and yours! May your happiness be huge, and your bills be small.

On the latter, Santa asked us to continue our -50% discount on VPS Netherlands due to his season**. To make Santa happy, you may use the VPS Netherlands discount until December 31, 2022, and spend savings on presents to yours!

*sound of the retreating reindeer sled

**The discount is valid for 3 months of the monthly billing cycle for an unlimited number of users.

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New Year gifts from LLHOST INC.!

Postby LLHOST » Fri Dec 30, 2022 7:24 pm

HNY.jpg (62.34 KiB) Viewed 249 times

New Year gifts from LLHOST INC.!

LLHOST INC. team is wishing you nothing but health, wealth, and endless blessings in the New Year ahead. May the 2023 become the best year so far in all its aspects for you and yours!

Thanks to all our users for choosing us. Being your reliable hosting service provider is a great honor! LLHOST INC. is continuing to develop its products and services, so stay tuned for upcoming announces.

Every new user is always welcome in the great family of LLHOST INC.!

Let's start the New Year 2023 with a pleasant little gifts.

Choose any plan with the monthly billing cycle and use VPS Netherlands with a -30% discount for the entire year! Be quick to apply the promo code #vpspromo2023 until January 16, 2023, available to the first 100 users.*

Happy New Year 2023! May it be the one we dreamt of for a long time!

*The promo code applies to 12 months of the monthly billing cycle and cannot be combined with other special offers.

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