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Contextual linkbuilding

General search engine optimization (SEO) and LinkBuilding discussion - SEO Forum.
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General search engine optimization (SEO) and LinkBuilding discussion - SEO Forum

Contextual linkbuilding

Postby shaunaroisin » Fri Dec 28, 2012 5:52 pm

Contextual link building is used to boost your popularity by writing a text with a link which is relevant to your products or services which gives you more traffic and sales.

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Re: Contextual linkbuilding

Postby Tristan » Sat May 11, 2013 10:42 am

I really value contextual link building since Google seem to value them very much because of the aspect of links in the content. The disadvantage is that the strategy is expensive.

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Re: Contextual linkbuilding

Postby Olesia » Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:31 pm

The best link building strategy that many online marketers are reporting success using are guest posting, provided you get high page rank theme blogs, you will will definitely see results.

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Re: Contextual linkbuilding

Postby hostingforum » Fri Oct 11, 2013 8:15 pm

I think contextual linkbuilding must be made helpfull way. Linkbuilder (writer/content creator) must do it the way that he tries to help reader to get most acurate and helpfull info. So he dont links to the website main page with unrelated info, but he links to the subpage where is detailed info on the subject.. He may link to several domains, not several links to one single domain mainpage. I think its good to dont make contextual linkbuilding days or weeks after article is written, but add links immediatelly when article is published.

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Re: Contextual linkbuilding

Postby johnniewalk » Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:53 am

By doing contextual linking it helps to rank your keywords, If you targeted particular keywords and inserted in a unique content with contextual linking in the blog post your link will be indexed with the content so then your keywords ranking will improve.

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Re: Contextual linkbuilding

Postby kumarsatish » Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:29 am

A contextual link is that the clickable text (usually the keywords) found inside the written content of your webpage. If used effectively, contextual linking are often well-tried a really robust SEO linking strategy for your web site.

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